Episode 1. 2022.

Set your calendars and place your bookmarks, because ArchiveCon will be coming to your screens on the weekend of June 4 - 5, 2022! 


+ What is ArchiveCon?

This is an adults-only, online-only, mini convention that was spurred on by our love of podcasts (mainly TMA, but all sorts of others as well!) and all the marginalia fandom has to offer - from fanfiction to fanart, podfic to bookbinding, to the minutiae of sound editing and stitching - anything you enjoy goes! We aim to foster the spirit of creativity, learning, and freedom of expression.

Like any convention, there’ll be panels, discussion groups, an artist alley, streaming, and games - there’s a little something for everyone!

ArchiveCon will have a strong The Magnus Archives bent, but we encourage fans of other Rusty Quill productions (and fandom-goers in general) to join in as well!

+ Is the convention adults-only?

Yes. You must be 18 or older to attend the convention. However, this does not mean that panels and other activities will all be NSFW - this adults-only rule is merely to give our panelists and attendees more freedom in whatever they wish to discuss. 

+ Is it free?

It sure is! All you’ll need is time and a Discord account.

+ What timezone will you be in? And what are the hours?

ArchiveCon is based in Eastern Standard Time, and will take place from June 4 - 5th - from Saturday starting at 10:00 AM, until we finish on Sunday at 6:00 PM. To accommodate our international attendees, the con will run through the entire night!

+ Is this associated with Rusty Quill?
Nope! ArchiveCon is simply a by fans, for fans endeavor - completely non-profit, completely for fun!

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